Our Story

Mother Earth Vinegar isn’t your average organic apple cider vinegar brand. Our organic apple cider vinegar is crafted by pioneers in the organic apple cider vinegar industry. We pride ourselves on using the freshest ingredients. Our organic apple cider vinegar is made on the shoulders of ancients like Hippocrates, who was known as “the father of medicine.” Around 2,400 years ago, Hippocrates began consuming apple cider vinegar for its health benefits.

Today organic apple cider vinegar has a variety of uses. From getting a daily dose of organic apple cider vinegar in water to washing fresh fruit, there are a plethora of ways to use organic apple cider vinegar. Mother Earth Vinegar produces: organic apple cider vinegar, organic red wine vinegar, organic white distilled vinegar, and organic superfood tea pods. Mother Earth Vinegar Organic Superfood Tea Pods are the first and only organic apple cider vinegar Keurig compatible pods. Find our organic apple cider vinegar in Costco across the country. Are you interested in trying the pods? We’ve got a treat for you. Head to Sprouts or Amazon and get your daily dose of Mother Earth Essentials Organic Superfood Tea Pods. From Apple Blueberry of My Eye to Sweet Dreams are Chamomile, our pods come in six savory flavors.
Mother Earth Vinegar values diversity and inclusion more than anything else. We encourage our customers to use organic apple cider vinegar for a wide array of dishes and drinks. By inventing unique products with delicious flavors, Mother Earth has re-envisioned what it means to be an organic vinegar company. Mother Earth Essentials Superfood Tea Pods have been featured in: POPSUGAR, Men’s Health, and Insider. Give your body the boost it craves and enhance your favorite dishes with Mother Earth Organic Vinegar and Mother Earth Essentials®.