This Purple Cabbage Salad recipe started as a restaurant recipe that has been enhanced to be healthier, yet still delicious, by using less oil and sugar.  Serve as a vegetable side dish or eat alone as a healthy snack.  Goes well with steak, chicken and fish as well as with baked or mashed potatoes.


1 head

1 cup

Purple cabbage – medium size

Mother Earth Organic Red Wine Vinegar

1 ½ Tbsp.

¼ cup

1 tsp.

¼ tsp.

¼ tsp.


Sugar - (1/2 the sugar of restaurant recipes)

Canola oil - (half the oil of restaurant recipes)

Seasoning salt - (3/4 the salt of restaurant recipes)

Black pepper

Onion powder (can substitute with garlic powder if preferred)



  • Remove top or wilted layer of cabbage. 

  • Wash cabbage and pat dry. 

  • Slice into 1/4” wide ribbons and set aside in a large bowl. 

  • Combine and mix all liquid and spice ingredients in a glass measuring 32 oz. cup or bowl. 

  • Pour over cabbage and toss.  Cover, chill and marinate for a few hours preferably overnight.

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